A Little About Me and This Blog

I have been a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) since 1987. I am a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association. I have worked in the states of New York, Hawaii and Florida. I am currently in New York State. I have worked in settings that include public schools, special education preschools, hospitals, adult day treatment programs, home health rehabilitation, early intervention and preschool homebased therapy. I have provided evaluation and therapy to people ranging in age from 6 months to 100 years. I have worked with a wide range of conditions and treatments including fluency, aphasia, apraxia, voice disorders, dysphagia, cleft palate, hearing impairment, articulation delay, language delay, augmentative/alternative communication, autism, and many others through the years.
The purpose of this Blog is to share information and answer questions that you may have. I will strive to provide the correct information to the best of my professional knowledge. I may not share the same professional opinion as other licensed speech pathologists and I encourage second opinions if you want to be as informed as possible.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month 2012

It has been two years since I have posted to this blog. I apologize to my followers who thought they had found a site to help them with understanding speech and language development and issues. It is my hope that I will again be able to provide some information for you soon.  Please scroll through my previous posts to review or learn about the topics provided.  It is the month to be aware of speech and hearing. Support your school speech therapists as well as those in private clinics, hospitals and the many other settings you can find them. Be aware and tolerant of those children and adults who are faced with challenges due to speech, language and hearing disabilities. The ability to communicate with others is one of the most precious abilities we have. Imagine if your ability to communicate was affected by loss of hearing, speech or the ability to understand and use language.  Help those with problems in these areas any way that you can.


  1. Yeah, by speaking we can share our views to other and able to understand them what we are thinking. If you are unable in speaking then no one can understand you. Speech therapy helps your child in speaking frequently and with fluency.

  2. Hey there! I came across your blog as I was googling ideas/topics for my research project this fall. I was gonna see if you have any suggestions- it has to be single-subject design.
    Hope you can help :)

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  4. pls I need a link between speech therapy and autism.

  5. due to mental difficulties which affect comprehension of language or the ability to speak intelligibly. Speech therapy

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